Athletes compare requirements, risks involved in individual sports


Gymnastics is a tough sport. It is a sport that reflects strength, perseverance, determination and mental strength. It is primarily an individualized sport where the scores on each event are accumulated for an all around score for the individual and then added together to make a team score. Not only do gymnasts have to be physically prepared for meets, these athletes must have new skills prepared and must be ready for all those things mentally. Injury is more likely to occur if the gymnasts are not physically or mentally prepared.

Gymnastics is a sport that takes years of practice and mastering skills, form, technique and creativity of the routines and safety of each trick you perform. Coaching is a huge part in the success, safety and mastering of the skills you do. Coaching is also the support behind every successful gymnasts.

Gymnastics is difficult because there is not only one thing to master, but four different events. For example, on vault the gymnast has to have speed and power and there is a lot to think of in just the few seconds when vaulting. On bars, one need to have lots of upper body strength but that’s not all. Timing and form are also a major component of being successful on bars. A gymnast could be really strong in the upper body and still not be great at bars. Beam requires balance, while floor takes grace and endurance. These are not skills that come naturally, they take hours of practice and lots of repetition for muscle memory.

I have been in gymnastics since I was 3, starting with my somersaults on the couch and cartwheels all over the yard. There was never a time I would go without doing some sort of gymnastics no matter where I was. Gymnastics has always been a big part of my life, and it has made me the stronger athlete and person I am today.

Gymnastics is more difficult than a sport like football because when you are training football you only have to master one position, whereas in gymnastics you have to excel in all four events. It is a lot more than sparkly leotards and scrunchies.

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