Verenike Making Feb 26

Emily Brandt

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Freshman Madelynn Hamm and sophomore Anna Harder work together to fill the dough with cheese.

Every year, First Mennonite Church holds an annual Verenike Supper Fundraiser to raise money for their summer youth trips. On Feb 26, many high school youth of First Mennonite Church gathered to make verenike for the event.

“The fun thing about the verenike supper is that it goes to our funds for summer and for a lot of your youth missions,” sophomore Anna Harder said. “I’m excited to eat the verenike, of course, but also see how much money we can raise.”

This year, proceeds from the fundraiser will go towards their summer trip to Mennonite Convention.

Although this may not be her first time making verenike, Harder explains that she still enjoys the process.

“I love learning how to make [verenike] and making it with everyone is just all around fun,” Harder said.

Along with serving the food and bussing table, the youth also get to participate in a chosen theme. This year, the theme for the fundraiser is Wild Wild West.

“I’m excited to dress up for the Western theme and serve dinner for my church,” freshman Madelynn Hamm said.

The youth made about 1,200 verenike in hopes to serve at least 500 people.