Senior Night Basketball

Senior DesiRay Kernel does here handshake before the game.

Braiden Botterweck, Railroader Staffer

The Lady Railer hosted Salina South in Ravenscroft gym on Feb. 22 for the last time for the regular season winning 48-9. With the win over South the Railers will go into the postseason with a 10-10 record and being 11th seed in the tournament.

“As a team we played very unselfish and moved the ball more than we ever have before,” sophomore lindsey Antonowich said “We also played solid defense and helped each other out a lot”.

With buzzer beater jump shot by Mallory Seirer the Railers went up 24-6 going into halftime. The Railers kept it going in the second half allowing South to only three points throughout both the third and fourth period.

“It felt pretty good that I got to play and prove I can make those types of shots.” sophomore Mallory Seirer said

After the end of the Girls game and before the beginning of the Boys game all senior athletes got recognized for there four years of dedication to the Newton athletics.

“The seniors were our best friends even though there were sometimes we yelled at each other.” Antonowich said.