Students on quest to ‘Catch ’em all’

What is your favorite Pokemon?

  • “One of my favorite Pokemon is “Ninetales” because of how beautiful and majestic it is.” -junior Antonio Snyder
  • “My favorite Pokemon is Evee because they are really cute and can evolve into really good Pokemon.” -senior Emily Robinson

Where is the strangest place you have caught one?

  • “At the bottom of a pool with a waterproof case on.” -senior Shaedon Wedel
  • “I asked these people if I could go into their backyard to get one once.” -senior Connor Garcia
  • “The strangest place I’ve found Pokemon is in a Mr. Potato Head play-place in Kansas City.” -junior Eli Boese
  • “The Applebee’s bathroom.” -junior Brianna Ruiz

How often do you play?

  • “I play all day everyday…when I can get a ride.” -freshman Ty Berry
  • “I’ll play for a few hours most nights and when I’m a passenger in a car. I’ll find myself checking the sightings list at least once an hour.” -sophomore Jonah Hodge

Why do you play?

  • “It’s fun and brings me back to my childhood days playing Pokemon and I enjoy being outside and being active.” -senior Brandon Murrell
  • “Because I enjoyed playing Pokemon red on my gameboy and it’s also a fun thing to do with friends.” -junior Erik Brown