Chem Club

In preparation for Valentine’s Day, on Feb. 8, the members of chem club made valentines with invisible ink made from lemon juice and heating it over a candle, and lollipops from corn syrup, sugar, water and food coloring.

As the president of chem club, senior Aspen Olson thought it would be a good idea to make something edible.

“I thought it would be fun, since we hadn’t done any labs this year where we made food, to make heart shaped suckers before valentines day,” Olson said.

Although there were step by step instructions, not everything went according to plan.

“The beakers we used to make the candy hearts were too small, so when the liquid reached boiling point, they boiled over and started smoking,” Olson said.

Throughout the school year, chem club has done many activities and labs around the holidays.

“We made slime around Halloween, and fake snow around Christmas, and one time we made bouncy balls, which was a lot of fun.” Olson said.

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