Student Jobs

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Talent Show 2019
May 13, 2019
Sophomore Josie Bacon bags groceries for a customer on Wednesday Jan. 16. Bacon works at north Dillons.

Many high school students have jobs which they go to after school such as Dillons, Sonic and Walmart.

Junior Kimberly Witterick works at McDonald’s. She has worked there for over a year and works about 30 hours a week. She believes that McDonald’s is the perfect job for a teenager.

“It gives good hours, works around your schedule if you are involved in school activities and it pays well,” Witterick said.

Witterick admits that although some customers can be rude, there are still nice customers who can make her day.

“Of course the friends and coworkers [are my favorite part], but sometimes there’s this old couple that are so nice that when I’m stressed out they always give me advice and they are so caring,” Witterick said, “That always makes my day better.”