Tournament Of Champions

Asha Regier

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Before starting, junior George Mock messes with his opponents head.

Although it happens annually, TOC (Tournament Of Champions) is still something that many people look forward to each year, and prepare months in advance for. From the hundreds of wrestlers all over Kansas and the cheerleaders who prepare their performances for hours a week, everyone is preparing for this one weekend. TOC was held on January 11 and 12 this year in Ravenscroft Gym.

“[To prepare] normally I try to go with some of the best kids in the room,” freshman Colin Bybee said, “I have great practice partners.”

Many memories are made each year during this weekend, and stands out as one of the favorite of the wrestlers since it is so different from normal wrestling meets during season.

“TOC is a lot harder cause we bring in some of the best teams from the state and and out of state” Bybee said, “they’re all really good.”

TOC is a two day event, lasting from 9:00 am Friday morning to around 9:00 pm Saturday night. All wrestlers participate the first day, and compete to participate in the finals that take place on Saturday evening. This year two Newton wrestlers made it to the finals. Those included junior Grant Treaster and senior Wyatt Hendrickson, but not everyone had the chance to do so, including Bybee.

“[Not making it to the finals] was kinda aggravating I guess it was just like that’s not what I wanted to do but at the same time I wasnt walking in thinking i was going to pin my way through the bracket.” Bybee said.

Always being held on a Friday and Saturday during the school year, TOC allows students a day off of school to enjoy the event.