Snow Fun in Ms. Bergman’s Class

Juniors John Jantzen, Eli Regier, and Zach Engelken try to catch snowflakes.

When most students were sitting inside their classrooms watching the snowfall, English teacher Cathlina Bergman’s 4th hour ventured outside and enjoyed the second snow of the school year. The junior class was working on their projects when junior John Jantzen brought around a petition.

“I just really wanted to go out and enjoy the snow. I mean I was pretty confident I was going to get pretty good class participation. It was just a matter of if Ms. Bergman would go for it,” Jantzen said.

As it was passed around it received 100 percent signatures from the class, even from the senior classroom aide. As the paper was taken to Bergman, the whole class got quiet. She agreed to let them go out.

“I felt it was important to respect the democratic process. A lot of work was put into this, a lot of thought clearly. There was a unified front, clearly all the students in the room including the senior teacher aide, felt that it was an important move that this class should take. I was gonna respect that,” Bergman said.

Students spent their time throwing snowballs, eating snowflakes and taking pictures with their friends. A couple other classes got the opportunity to go outside including English Comp and a few art classes. Many said was a very fun experience.

“I feel very good about the outcome, it was a lot of fun and I would definitely do it again,” Jantzen said.

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