Varsity Soccer

Shelby Spreier

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Hillbilly Olympics
March 10, 2020
Senior Micah Kovac and sophomore Trev Golubski run to the ball.

Varsity Soccer played Salina Central on Oct. 16 at Fischer Field.

The Railers ended with a loss of 1-3

“I felt a little upset that we didn’t win but I knew we still played hard and well. Our best games have been against some of the best teams and i’m proud of each person that played,” Senior Kaden Weber-Gonzalez said.

Although they lost, some of the players had a chance to see and talk with old teammates.

“We all played club soccer for KUFC so we all had a close bond. We haven’t seen each other in a while so we gave a hug and said some words,” Weber-Gonzalez said.


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