Homecoming Float Building

Matt Olson

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After hours of working, Seniors Aspen Olson and Matt Seirer pose in front of their finished product.

In preparation for the homecoming parade, students from each grade made a float for their class, sport, or club. On September 27th, the students decorated their floats in the – building with colorful balloons, streamers, banners, and paint. While some of them were full of color, others showed more railer pride by using the school colors black and gold. Each class had a float including cross country, cheerleading, Spanish, and musical theatre.

Even though STUCO forgot to buy new supplies and they had to use last years’, people still had a good time decorating their floats. The senior class float was decorated with a football goal post made of chicken wire, duct tape, and yellow streamers. “It looked really good that night, but by the next day it had fallen over, so that was pretty disappointing. But overall, it was a fun experience, and I would recommend that everybody should go [next year].” Senior Aspen Olson said.

Float building brought the teams closer together while collaborating on ideas for what to do. The cross country team decorated their float with black and gold balloons and streamers. They also had a sign that said “Strong legs, fast feet.”

“The whole [cross country] team agreed right away on the float idea and we all worked together to make the signs and everyone was doing something to help.” sophomore Acacia Penner said.