JV Football Game vs Maize

Asha Regier

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Freshman cheerleaders Jodie Masters, Jacey Yager, and Rylie Pierce cheer on the JV football boys.

Last Monday’s game was a massive deal for all JV players. The game took place at Fischer Field on Sept. 24, and was the first game of the season that they have scored a touchdown. The touchdown was scored by freshman Luke Hirsh.


“ It [scoring] felt good, I was glad that we finally got to score.” Hirsh said.


This was a big moment for the team, and was accomplished by the strengths the team showed that evening while playing.


“Our offense did pretty good” Hirsh said. This game also showed some weaknesses the team still has and things for them to work on the rest of the season. “Our defense wasn’t that good, there is lots of stuff we have to work on.”


Hirsh is only one of the many freshman on the JV team, and thinks that he along with the others have improved throughout the season so far.


“I feel like i’ve improved a lot since the beginning of the summer, like with all the camps we did and everything.” Hirsh said.


The team hopes for many more games like this and more chances to score this season. JV’s next game falls on Monday, Oct. 8 in at Salina Central.