1st Clubs

Asha Regier

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Junior Alex Ryan throws the frisbee to fellow student.

The kickoff of 1st clubs took place on September 7th during seminar. Students came together to share their interests in many different clubs such as ultimate frisbee, spanish club, yoga, and even mathletes, along with many others, totaling in 17 first clubs all together.


Sophomore Gaige Llamas was the creator of the mathletes club, along with math teachers Erika Rickard and Eunice Nickel who are serving at the clubs supervisors.


“This is our first year doing the club [mathletes], but there were a lot of cool people there.” Sophomore Gaige Lammas said.


Even though it is only the clubs first year, Llamas as big plans and goals for the club and the students a part of it.


“We eat snacks and do math!” said Llamas, “We’re going all the way to state baby.”


First clubs will meet again on October 5th.

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