PE II Disc Golf

Sophomore Jayden Smith, Liberty Tegethoff and Tianna Weeks

On Sept. 14, students in PE II took a bus to Centennial Park to play disc golf. The trip was part of the the frisbee unit. Throughout the unit, students practice different techniques for  throwing a frisbee.

“I like that we got to leave school and have time to be outside with our friends, instead of just sit in a classroom all day,” sophomore Liberty Tegethoff said.

As students move from PE I to PE II, they are given other privileges such as leaving the school campus to participate in activities within the curriculum.

“You get to actually spend time traveling and going and doing fun extracurricular activities outside of the school as well as in the school with the other PE classes,” Tegethoff said.

Some of the other units of PE II include tennis, sand volleyball, swimming and bowling.

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