Varsity Football September 14

Watching intently, senior Isaiah Presley waits for the ball to be kicked. Presley scored the only touchdown of the game that night

Newton football team played against Derby high on September 14th at Fisher Field. Newton lost to Derby 55-7.

“As a team, we did really good things and bad things,” sophomore Davis Mick said. “Our defence struggled for a while, but we also held them to a couple really long drives.”

The railers are practicing harder this week in order to beat their opponent, Maize on Friday night.

“It’s gonna be a good week,¨ Mick said. ¨We are working on our offence and different defensive strategies”

In the midst of all this, they remembered a fellow student, Maddie Edson, who has been hospitalized. Her brother, Josh Edson, is apart of the football team.

“We put M.E. [on their helmets] because that’s her initials and we wanted to represent her,” Mick said. “We were playing for her.”

Newton will travel to Maize on Friday and will play at Maize high school.

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