Honors Chemistry 1 Lab

Cleaning out the test tube sophomore Josh Bergman returns his lab table to normal.

With a new set of Honors Chemistry 1 students, they learn all sorts of new key concepts from labs and various assignments. On Sept. 14 and Sept. 18, all students in the class did their fourth lab of the year. This lab was focused on taking a pure substance, freezing it and then taking an impure substance and freezing that mixture. This lab is only the start of many wider and bigger topics that chemistry students will learn throughout the year.

“It reinforces what were doing in class and it also coordinates with the labs were doing in the near future,” chemistry teacher Jon Preston said.

Since this is the first year of taking chemistry for most students, it is a new experience to have multiple labs back-to-back.

“I would consider this lab, medium to difficult for the kids’ labs skills right now,” Preston said. “But as the year goes on it would be a more easy lab.”

There are more labs to come and will continue to become more difficult as the year continues. Some of their labs may include the Egg Drop Lab and making slime.

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