Newtonian’s top five pop culture picks

Baby Driver
Released this summer, this movie, featuring Ansel Elgort and Kevin Spacey, includes action and comedy that is intriguing to the audience. This film brought in 20.5 million dollars to the box office opening weekend. Director Edgar Wright leads his actors into success during this action-filled movie.

The iconic 1990 movie was recreated and produced as a brand new movie released in September. Based on the original novel by Stephen King, the movie includes all the same characters. Pop-out scares and gore are placed strategically throughout the film. In this rendition, directed by Andres Muschietti, a bit of humor is mixed with frightening scenes.

American Teen
19-year-old Khalid’s first album debut, “American Teen” has gained increasing popularity. Some of the more well-known songs from the album include “Young Dumb and Broke,” “Location,” “American Teen,” and “8TEEN.” Khalid’s music is a well-liked addition to the R&B and contemporary genre.

Milk and Honey
Written by Rupi Kaur, “Milk and Honey” is divided into four short sections. Each filled with powerful poems, ranging from a few lines to full pages. Each section relates with a different form of emotion, hitting pain and heartbreak all while finding small victories within.

Stranger Things
Netflix original “Stranger Things” has made a impact on pop culture since the release of the first season last fall. The character growth, plot lines and sci-fi theme make this series a binge-watch must.