Substitute Howard creates glass artwork

Substitute teacher Dennis Howard has been making stained and etched glass for many years. Howard started making glass in 2001; it was something that he had been interested in for a while.

“I always wanted to, I have a lot of different hobbies and that was something I had never done so I thought I’d try it,” Howard said.

Howard, a Kansas State wildcat fan, has made many Powercat logos in the past for his friends, but he has also used his own creativity when making stained glass art.

“I use my own designs a lot. I use a lot of mosaics, different shapes and glass,” Howard said.

The art of stained glass making requires certain specialized equipment.

“You have to have specialized tools like glass-cutters, breakers and caming. Caming is the lead part that goes between your glass,” Howard said.

Howard did not have to travel too far to learn how to make stained glass.

“I took a glass-making class down at Bearden’s down in Wichita…I took their introductory course. I went there a few years later for an advanced class,” Howard said.

Howard said the art of glass-making has challenges, depending on the glass.

“When you have a bigger sheet of glass, getting it to break where you want it to is a problem sometimes. All glass is a little bit different and if there is an air bubble or something in there and it breaks at the wrong angle then you have to grind it to the shape that you want,” Howard said.

While Howard has many other hobbies, he can still get his glass designs done in good time.

“I can usually cut the glass the way I want it one day and start putting it together in three to four days so I can have something done,” Howard said.