Take advantage of living in small town

It’s nothing new to hear people, young and old, stress how badly they need to “escape” Newton. Sure, there are plenty of reasons to leave – maybe one would rather live in a place with more career and entertainment opportunities; maybe citizens of Newton want to break free of the life they might be living now; or maybe one would just fancy themselves as more of a city character. Regardless, in most situations the question people should ask themselves about making a break for it is this: what’s the rush?

Author Eckhart Tolle once said “Wherever you are, be there totally.” Most high school students are financially dependent, so moving somewhere else isn’t exactly an option. Instead of hurrying one’s way off to college in fear of being grounded in a small town forever, try slowing things down a bit and take in some of the details.

High school is a place for learning – not just common core curriculum. Students are meant to make some self-discoveries, like what one enjoys doing, who one enjoys being with, and so on. It’s also a great time to attempt some self-improvement and in a high school in small town Kansas, self-complacency can be something many can improve on. Self-complacency is being satisfied with who one is in any situation, which is definitely something many young people lack.

It could be argued that a small town is one of the best places to achieve a level of self-contentment. In a larger community, one could imagine they would be faced with so many different opportunities for recreation that one would never be satisfied, and would end up in the same situation that a small town would put them in. If people allow it to, the admittedly uneventful environment surrounding these people can help them become someone who is not slowed down by it, someone who is completely fulfilled by who they are, rather than the town they live in.

By all means, make it a goal to live in a bigger city someday – but while you can, take advantage of the lessons a small town might be offering, just out of sight.