Opinion: Toxic relationships can cause long term effects


Daniel Gonzalez-Arevalo, Reporter

Relationships are something that most people establish at a young age. Young adults develop relationships with their parents, siblings, friends and eventually they grow to have a significant other. Even at a young age, kids can decide what they like and what they do not like. For example, if a kid goes out to recess at any time they might hear a young elementary school student tell his friend “we are not friends anymore.” Even at a young age, people are able to identify what relationships they do not want and which ones they do want, but for some that becomes more difficult when they have to deal with someone they love and being involved in a toxic relationship. Despite all of the love that person might have for their significant other, it is important to get out of the relationship as the long term mental and physical effects can be significant.

Relationships do not always start out as toxic from the very beginning, if that were the case they would be very easy to identify for most people and they could remove themselves from the situation. Most of the time, relationships gradually become more and more toxic, so much so that the victim often has trouble deciding whether they are in one or not. 

According to MentalHealth there are many ways to identify a toxic relationship. For when you do not feel good enough, you are not able to be yourself, you get put down by the other person, you always feel like you are the problem and you stop participating in activities or seeing people in your life. If not dealt with accordingly, these feelings may only get worse, which is why it is important for you to remove yourself from the situation.

According to Supportiv some long-term effects toxic relationships can have on people include damage to your self-worth as well as anxiety towards the world and new potential partners. For these reasons, I continue to stress that it is important for students or young adults to get out of these situations. You are still young and have many years ahead of you and leaving one of these situations does not make you a bad person no matter what your partner says. It also does not mean that you do not love the other person, on the contrary, being able to identify what will be best for the both of you is one of the most important aspects of love. 

That being said, in some relationships people feel like they cannot leave due to physical violence or some type of blackmail. If you find yourself in one of these situations where you feel like you cannot escape because your partner is physically or mentally abusive, there are many resources available to support your situation. You can always get help from loved ones or friends and there is also the National Domestic Violence hotline. For more information you can visit the National Domestic Violence website as well. It is important for victims of toxic relationships to know that they are not alone. Although it may seem difficult, there are many resources available to help everyone in their unique situation. It is important for young adults to self-monitor their conditions and know how to properly handle them.