Seniors most embarrassing moments


Throughout high school, many students have acquired various memories they will carry on past graduation. Here is a collection of seniors reminiscing on their most embarrassing moments like tripping in front of crowds, dropping cups in the commons, falling in front of crushes and more.

Senior Chandlor Buffalo
“My freshman year of high school, I was in Ms. Zook’s class and the whole class was walking to the library. In the class, she had an aide and I thought he was super cute. I started walking ahead trying to look cute and I tripped over my feet. I fell so hard and got the wind knocked out of me. The whole class, including him, were laughing so hard and my face was so red from being so embarrassed.”

Senior Joshua Kennell
“I was getting water from the coolers in the lunchroom. I went to grab a cup and I didn’t have a good grip. It fell and bounced onto a table in the row below, making a very loud noise. I was left to stand there, and to get a new cup. I was holding onto it very tightly, while everyone looked and ‘oooooed.’

Senior Rianna Henderson
“I was playing in a basketball game freshman year. The student section started to get full because varsity played after freshman and someone knocked the wind out of me. I did a whole somersault on the court and laid there for a moment because I was so winded.”

Senior Azia Ray
“My sophomore year when I was walking to class, I fell in front of a lot of people. I was scared someone was going to laugh at me, but I got up and laughed about it.”

Senior Aryanna Rossiter
“My most embarrassing moment was probably when I did the talent show and messed up. Everyone told me I did good, but I don’t recall singing at all. I completely blacked out backstage.”

Senior Anisa Hamidovic
“I was walking in the hallway when someone with a rolling backpack got in the way and tripped me. I fell in the middle of the hall and everyone laughed.”

Senior Abigail Jackson
“My junior year we were getting ready to match the hall for a pep assembly. As I was going through a doorway, I ran straight into the doorway with my big bass drum. People went ‘ohh’ and they were laughing at me, but I just laughed along.”

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