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As seniors prepare to move to the next phase of their life, some have reflected on what they learned during their time in high school in and outside of the classroom. Aside from getting good grades, there are other things that the incoming students should keep in mind when beginning their high school experience.

“I had a good friend once tell me ‘do what would make the better memory.’ I believe this should be a rule for people to follow. [It] might not always be the best decision, but usually it’s a really good story and makes high school so much more fun.” – Joey Giles

“Just try everything that interests you. And remember, while it is fun to be involved, it is also perfectly valid to not be involved with anything if you don’t want to. Put yourself first and take time to take care of yourself. Remember that you matter.” – Sarah Fryhover

“Even though PDA such as holding hands is allowed, it doesn’t mean you can get away with other displays of affection. Nobody needs to see freshman and their 2 week old significant other walking down the hall, stop in the middle, and kiss. Don’t be that person.” – Priscilla Araujo

“Get involved. Only way to make friends and have more fun. The difference between people who like high school and those who hate it is that those who like it are involved (ideally sports, also music, robotics, anything that is time commitment). And yes, you do have time.” – Joshua Kennell

“Respect the rules of the cafeteria, respect every student’s personal belongings and club posters and have fun while enjoying your new start in Newton High. Be perseverant!” – Ricardo Lopez-Correa