Innovative Choreography Dance Competition

Linda Shine, Yearbook staffer

This year NHS railiners partnered with Innovative Choreography Dance and hosted a dance competition here at the high school. The railiner team performed and competed 2 group dances, a hip hop and a jazz routine.  Senior Chandlor Buffalo, junior Alaycea Kremeier, junior Evelyn Bartley and sophomore Linda Shine all competed solos in this competition. Buffalo alongside with Shine and sophomore Elly Green alongside Bartley performed self choreographed duets.

“It was fun to compete with the railiners and not just my normal competition team at High Street.” Bartley said.

“It was so exciting to show everyone what we are capable of and really put the dance team out there.” Buffalo said.

This is the first year Kansas dance team dancers have been allowed to compete in state.

“I feel a adrenaline rush everytime I compete so it was fun to get that same feeling again with a different team,” junior Jordyn Spillane

The awards are ranked in divisions one, two and three, one being the best and three being the worst. Railiners received division one rankings for both their jazz and hip hop routines, an “all around team” award, which is an award that teams receive when all of the dances that they perform have a total point average that is above 90.00 and a technique award for their hip hop routine. Kremeier also received a all around dancer award for her contemporary solo.

“Winning the all around dance was a huge stock to me but I am very thankful for the award, for everyone that supported me through my solo and the people that helped me feel more confident in it,” Kremeier said.