Egg Drop- Building

Linda Shine

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Sophomores Noelle Buentello, Jacey Yager and Tabitha Buffalo work together to build their egg casket.

Every year chemistry teacher Jon Preston has an a egg drop lab where students have limited supplies to create an unbreakable egg casket. The students are given 22 plastic straws, 1.5 meters of tape, 0.5 meters of string and 12 points. With those 12 points they can “buy” extra materials such as extra straws, extra tape, cotton balls, packing peanuts and wood splint.

“I knew that me and Linda are going to win from the start because our design was impeccable.” sophomore Olivia Adams said.

After building the egg caskets the student’s eggs because will have to survive a three meter drop. If their egg survives that it will make it into the finals where they will have to drop the egg from “The Balcony Drop Of Death”. Even though sophomores Simon Hodge, Ben Frisen Guhr and Joel Franz cracked, it cracked the least out of the three finalist which had them winning this egg drop challenge.

“All I have to say is we’re winners,” sophomore Simon Hodge said.