V Basketball Tournament

Waiting on the freethrow line, sophomore Joe Slechta talks to his team mate that is across the line.

Linda Shine, Yearbook staffer

On Dec. 13, both girls and boys went to WSU to participate in a tournament with many different school. The pictures shown are pictures of the boys game against Wichita South. Railers lost BLANK. This game was sophomores Joe Slechta and  first varsity tournament.

We missed a lot of shots and we weren’t running our press right and that’s why we got beat on fast breaks a lot” Slechta said.During the 1st quarter the Railers had the lead on the Titans 14-10

“I think we gave a lot of effort but in the end we failed to execute our schemes and that’s what ended up killing us”  sophomore Owen Mills said.

The Railers held the lead all the way to the third quarter, 45-36. During fourth quarter the Titans were able to gain a lead winning the game with a final score of BLANK.

“We did alright but we have done a lot better, I just wish we could have shown them up.” senior Alex K