Numana 2019

Students and staff working the Numana Event.

Ben Schmidt, Yearbook Staffer

The Ag Academy students ran and helped supervise a food packing event on Nov. 21. The Ag Academy held this event last year packing 10,400 bags and wanted to pack more this year setting a goal for 12,000 bags. Students and staff had the opportunity to volunteer during seminar getting 6,000 meals packed from out of the 12,000. There were two packing times one from 2:15 to 3:00 and then one for the community from 3:30 to finish.

The Ag students raised 3,600 dollars through fundraisers and donations. “If there was one thing that I would want to do better next year would be fundraising, we set the bar a little to high and weren’t able to reach it, ” junior Cole Lujano said. “Next year I want to raise more money and pack more food.”

Each meal included rice, pinto beans, soybeans, and a vitamin packet. The sophomores in the Ag Academy were in charge of the tables. There were three people at the beginning pouring the grains, then a person holding a bag under the funnel, there was a weigh station, it had to be in between 390 and 394 grams and then a seal station sealing the bags to be put in boxes.

The Ag Academy is planning on doing this event next year and hopes to increase the amount of meals packed.