Choraleers Rehearsal – Nov. 14

Kamryn Archibald

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Standing in front of their chairs, the altos, sopranos, and basses sing.

The Choraleers have been singing Christmas songs and on Nov. 14, the altos, sopranos, tenors, and basses practiced in groups and as a whole. The Choraleers sang many popular Christmas songs in order to prepare for their upcoming Christmas concert. 

“We were rehearsing our songs for our Christmas concert and we were singing ”Hallelujah”, ”O Holy Night, and “Christmas Day,” junior Selena Aguilar said. 

Being a Choraleer comes with a friendly environment and different groups of people that all get along well together during rehearsal/class. 

“The environment that’s in there [is the best part]. Everyone gets along really well and it’s just super exciting to be there with a bunch of people that enjoy the same thing you enjoy,” sophomore Alexis Epp said.