Powderpuff 11/8

Seniors Molly Stahl and Reagan Moe jumping for joy after Moe scored a touchdown. Seniors ended up winning powderpuff.

The annual powderpuff game was on Nov. 8. Powderpuff is a game of flag football that girls from each grade sign up for and get coached by football players in their grade. During the practices the girls learn plays and different techniques so that they can come up on top. Many of the grades started practice as soon as they were able to sign up. Such as the junior and sophomore classes.

“I wasn’t able to go to a lot of the practices but because we started earlier I was able to get help from other people on the team throughout the weeks before powderpuff,” sophomore Enyisha Peterson┬ásaid.

“I think starting practices earlier really helped us this year because last year since we started later we weren’t as experienced,” sophomore Ann Pomeroy said.

Freshman were excited yet scared to go against the other grades.

“I was excited but still a little nervous going out there because it was my first year and I kinda knew we were gonna lose because we’re freshman,” freshman Camryn Entz said.

The winning touchdown for the seniors was scored by senior Keila Gillispie.

“” Gillispie said.

The final order was seniors, juniors, sophomores and then freshmen. Since the seniors have been on a losing streak since freshman year, when they came up on top even senior Chandlor Buffalo was surprised.

“I can’t believe we won because we have been on a losing streak ever since I started doing powderpuff freshman year.” Buffalo said.