PE Fitness I

fitness 1

In PE 1 freshman Jiovani Valdivia tugs on the rope so that he and his team can win the game of Tug of War.

In PE Fitness I, students work learn skills to improve their overall health and body. This class is usually taken by a freshmen for a full year. Students in Richard Mick’s, Tommy Edgmon’s and Tony Hein’s PE classes work to improve their volleyball skills, tennis skills and Spikeball skills. On Nov. 4, students decided which skill they wanted to work on for that class period. Students could also choose Tug of War as well.

“I like days like this, where we get to just do whatever and have fun doing the different [activites] things,” freshman Natalie Hedrick said.

Teachers even joined in at the stations and played against some students. Edgmon and Mick played a game of Spikeball with freshman Otis Musser and other classmates.

“Playing with the teachers is always fun, but beating them is even more fun,” Musser said.