Varsity Soccer

Kati Blaylock

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In the air, freshman Collin Hershberger hits a header.

The varsity soccer team hosted the Derby Panthers on October 8 at fisher field. For Senior Luis Alvarez, this was his first game back after an injury that hindered him from playing. 

“It was fun, I was just a little nervous going back in because I thought, like ‘what if something happened again’ but for the most part, it was good going back and playing,” Alvarez said.

The railers fell to the Panthers, 0-2.

“We were kind of upset over the loss, but we know we can do better and work harder for the next game,” junior Selvin Abrego said.

After playing Derby, the team knows what they need to work on in order to win against Andover, which they will host on October 17.

“I think we need to work on connecting passes and connecting shots,” senior Xander Valdivia said. “It’s going to be a very hard team, but if we play together, we can beat them.”