2nd Clubs – Oct. 11

Kamryn Archibald

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Sophomore Alexander Barnett plugs in a hot plate in order to begin an experiment in Chemistry Club.

On Friday Oct.11, students met with their 2nd clubs during seminar for the first time this school year. At the beginning of the year, students had the opportunity to choose from an assortment of first and second clubs that they would like to participate in. Many clubs met this day such as Chemistry Club, Chess Club, and Ping Pong Club. 

Chemistry Club members completed experiments where made ‘Fizzy Kool-Aid’ in order to discover molar mass.

“We were making fizzy kool-aid which is a molar mass activity and we were doing the little ghost bubble pop things,” junior Megan Watkins said. “I enjoyed the experiment because you do have fun and you get to make cool stuff in the end and just watching how things react.”

Some club members enjoy being in a club and believe that it is beneficial and a good way to unwind from school. 

“It [Ping Pong Club] is a good break from all of my academic work. I can just go down to the gym and play some ping pong you know,” junior Avery Dutcher said.