Taste of Newton attracts students


Kati Blaylock

The railiners perform at Taste of Newton

The Taste of Newton is an annual event that is widely popular amongst the student body. Clearing off four blocks on Main Street, each block is lined on both sides with over 55 vendors from different organizations, businesses and groups from the community. Here, they serve different items like food, drinks and snacks. Other booths, like the Railer Robotics team, take this opportunity to reveal what they have created to the community.
“My favorite part of working the booth is meeting people who never heard anything about the program and getting to talk to them about all the cool stuff we get to do and really just show off our accomplishments,” junior Jakob Graber said. “We don’t get to see how other people view the project and this is a really awesome way for us to talk to people about their perspective on it.”
Along with the students working the booths, many put on performances for the community as well. However, with the cold weather, many performers could not perform to their highest potential.
“It was really hard to go all out,” sophomore Ember Suter said. “The cold made it hard to focus and overall hard to make a good performance.”
Many students attended and spent their evening walking downtown, stopping to watch the performances or to grab something to eat from a nearby booth.
“You just have to bundle up. It’s just slightly less enjoyable and there are fewer people,” sophomore Caleb Koontz said. “I think it’s still worth it though, for sure.”