German Club Bierrock Making

Senior Kobi Mathies mixes in cheese to the meat mixture.

Every year the German club holds a bierrock fundraiser, students in german classes sell, buy and help make them. German teacher Nan Bergen asks anyone who wants to help make bierrocks to sign up and show up. Some years there is short help, but this year there was lots of help. 

“It went really well, we had all the german exchange partners there this year, so things went really smoothly because we had a lot of help. I would say it went very well,” senior Kobi Mathies said.

The baking starts at about 5:30 a.m. with the making of the dough. Then at about 7 a.m. they start making the actual bierrocks and preparing them for the oven. They bake and then they are packaged and then the orders are filled. 

“I liked the packaging part, or filling orders, I would say it’s more fun than actually making them. And I like spending time with friends and the german exchange students,” sophomore Daisy Buller said. 

The bierrocks are made for both sales and the Taste of Newton, which brings in lots of money and fundraise lots for the German club. 

“I’m vice president of the German Club, so I figured I should probably be there. Also I just really like helping out our club, because they do a lot to support us and the things that we do, with the trip and the exchange. So I was happy to help.”

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