Boys Soccer vs. Maize – October 4

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Kamryn Archibald

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2nd Clubs – October 11
October 21, 2019

The boy’s soccer team played against Maize on Oct. 4 at Fisher Field. Both JV and Varsity Railers concluded with losses of 2-1. 

Sophomores Misael Campos and Fernando Campos scored the point in the JV game, along with juniors Michael Velasquez and Armando Alvarez scoring the point in the varsity game.  

“I think we did pretty good, I just think that we need to like finish all of our crosses in. I think we should just practice more outside of practice like over the weekends and stuff,” freshman Grayson Ybarra said. 

Over the soccer season whether if it’s at or outside of practice, the teammates have created special bonds and or friendships with each other. 

“The main thing that is important to me is just having fun with my teammates, my friends, and my family that’s on the field with me,” junior Armando Alvarez said. 

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