Cheese Making

Sophomore Gracie Rains pours milk into a beaker before heating it to 190 degrees.

Ben Schmidt , Yearbook Staffer

To finish up their matter unit the sophomore Ag Academy students made cheese on Friday, Oct. 4. The class was learning the changes in matter, so they made cheese to see a physical representation of it.

“The lab was really fun,” sophomore Gracie Rains said. “I loved watching people burn and mess up their cheese.”

While making the cheese you had to heat up the milk and the cream in a beaker to get it to 190 degrees. If you heated it up more than that it could boil over onto a hot plate.  When it was finished you had to pour the cheese into a cheesecloth to separate the curds and the whey apart from each other.

“It was really gross poring the cheese into the cloth; it was super clumpy and it smelled weird,” Rains said.

This was the first time the students have made cheese.

“I would definitely do it again it was a cool experience,”  Rains said.


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