Fall Homecoming Pep Assembly

Shelby Spreier

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Hillbilly Olympics
March 10, 2020
As a part of one of the chants, students lean left and right.

As a way as a way to celebrate the end of fall homecoming week, there was a pep assembly held in Ravenscroft Gym on Sept. 27.

The homecoming pep assembly consisted of many events including, performances from the cheerleaders, Railiners and pep band. Fall homecoming candidates were introduced to the student body, followed with games led by the senior Railiners. As well as competition between the homecoming candidates, each class participated in a chant-off. After being anonymously picked, the spirit stick was sent home with the seniors for having the most spirit.

“It made me feel accomplished to finally win, everyone was chanting really loud and getting really hyped up. I think it was our spirit that got us the stick,” senior Irvin Zamora said.

Senior football players and male homecoming candidates performed with senior cheerleaders that left the crowd laughing and cheering. The performance was open to any football player that wanted to participate. This is a tradition that has been held every year during fall homecoming. To prepare for the performance they practiced a total of three times.

“The whole experience was really fun and it turned out way better than anyone would expect. My favorite part of the performance was when we stunted and I was held in the air,” senior Zachary Hill said.