Yoga Club – Sept. 20

Kamryn Archibald

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At the beginning of the club meeting, the students stretch their legs in order to do yoga poses.

On Sept. 20, students met with their first clubs for the first time of the school year during seminar. Along with their club sponsor Lisa Antonowich, yoga club started off their first meeting by doing an assortment of stretches followed by a variety of fun yoga poses.

“I’m mostly looking forward to having a fun time with my friends but also improving my flexibility and stuff would be cool. Also the “naps” are pretty great so hopefully we do that again,” sophomore Rebekah Allen said. 

The members of yoga club said they enjoy the club because it can be beneficial and relaxing. It is also a good way to spend time and laugh with friends. 

“It’s fun hanging out with my friends and getting to learn new stretches. My friends suggested me to join and they said it was fun to be in there” freshman Nick Treaster said.