First day of fall sports

Jamilid Romero

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The soccer team meeting up to listen to coach Montano
Junior Santiago Fernandez practicing drills with others around him during soccer practice.
Senior Luis Alvarez helps Junior Juan Porras stretch his legs during a break time .
Freshmen Jiovani Valdivia running with the ball for drills.
Junior Lindsey Antonowich getting ready to serve for practice.
The volleyball team getting ready to start practice.
Juniors Acacia Penner and Elise Jantz stretch before gymnastic practice.
The soccer team meeting up to listen to coach Montano
Senior Xander Valdivia stretching during practice.

After summer days and the beginning of school, fall sports started practicing on August 19. Soccer practiced at Boyd the first few days, volleyball and gymnastics stayed in the building. 

“Practices are good because I get to do drills that I’ve never done before and also drills are good in general” freshmen Jiovani Valdivia said.

Soccer’s first home game is August 31st playing in the morning. Gymnastics first home meet is September 10th 

“I was so happy to go back so I can get in shape and be around all of the people again” junior Acacia Penner said.