Ceramics 2/3

Emily Brandt

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Seniors Keily Romero Abrego and Salma Chavez begin throwing on the wheel.

Ceramics 2/3 is a course for students wanting to improve their skills in ceramic work. This class involves working on projects in hand-building and wheel works. Students in the course will also have a role in loading the kilns and making glaze. 

On Sept. 3, students in Ceramics 2/3 were working on making lawn ornaments out of clay, as well as practicing wheel work.

“I chose to be in Ceramics because I took Ceramics 1 and really liked it, so I took Ceramics 2,” junior Anna Harder said. “[My favorite part about Ceramics is] just relaxing and making stuff with my friends.”

Later in the year, Ceramics 2/3 students will also learn to make a full dinner set.