Freshman STUCO Elections

Linda Shine

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The freshman are waiting to be called on for their speech as Student Body President senior Eli Blauflaus explains what’s going to go down.

Freshman StuCo elections took place on Sept. 2. A total of 19 students ran for StuCo this year and chose to to run for various reasons.  

“I just hoped that I could increase the school spirit and the pride in our community,” freshman Olivia Antonowich said.

Freshman Isaac Klug sees StuCo as another way to be involved. 

“I just wanted to be on StuCo because I thought it would be a fun thing to do, and a good way to get involved besides sports,” Klug said.

After the speeches and elections, freshman Gracie Hendrickson said she would think about running next year. 

Freshman StuCo Results:

President: Mohammed

Vice President:


Class Representative:

Class Representative:

Class Representative:

Class Representative: