StuCo Elections 4/22

Emily Brandt

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Freshmen Jacey Yager, Hallie Watkins, Jennifer Rubio, Jodie Masters, Clayton Kaufman and Daisy Buller wait for their turn to present their speeches.

Annual StuCo elections were held on April 22 during seminar in the auditorium. Students from each class have the opportunity to write a speech to present to their class and run for student council. Up to seven candidates are chosen from each class. Sophomore Alondra Valle is one candidate who is returning to the council.

“I did it my sophomore year and it was pretty fun. I liked just getting to know things that are happening around the school and I wanted to help out,” sophomore Alondra Valle said.

Incoming junior class president explains some hopes she has for next year.

“I wanna get the music department more recognition, because I think they deserve it. Also, a cool prom,” Valle said.

Junior Henry Claassen chose to step out of his comfort zone and run for StuCo for the first time for his senior year.

“I’m looking forward to getting closer with some of those people and learning a little bit more about what StuCo totally means,” Claassen said. “I hope to be more involved than I have been in the past years, just because it’s our senior year and I wanna do as much as I can.”