JV Softball

Kati Blaylock

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Sliding into homebase, senior Kylie Terbovich scores a point


The girls softball team competed in a double header against the Hutchinson Salthawks on April 23. The JV game was held at Washington park.

“We were all feeling good and we had a lot of energy, which was good,” senior Ada Montano said.

The Railers went on an 6-1 run within the first inning.

“[I was] really excited because it got our energy going and we kept on batting good and that turned into points,” sophomore Karly Moore said.

A run cap was put on each inning to stop a team from scoring 6 runs in a single inning. The Railers went on two 6-1 runs.

“[Getting two six runs] was really eye opening for us,” freshman Mackenzie Cusick said. “It just shows what we can do as a team when we work together.”

After three innings, the railers won the first game 17-3, enforcing the mercy rule.

“I feel like to us, it was a bad thing, because we couldn’t score as many runs,” Moore said. “In the end, it didn’t really matter, but it would still be nice to get more chances.”

Later, the team also won their second game with a score of 16-9.

¨I was so happy because we got to win both games and we did it as a team,” Cusick said. “I feel like that was one of out best games because we did do it together and we had fun while we were doing it.”

The team will travel to Salina on the 26 to face the Salina Central Mustangs in another double header.

“The way we worked as team to win both of our games is how we should play on friday.” Moore said. “If we do what we did, we can for sure win.”